Technical Transformer Design (TTD)

Technical Transformer Design (TTD) is made product and its engineering totally depends upon customer requirement. For each type of transformer detail design/ engineering is done. For the detail designing of the various type Transformer theoretical and software studies AEDEI offer many different software programs for different design calculations of TTD .
There is a continuous increase in ratings of generator transformers and auto transformers. Further, the ongoing trend to go for higher system voltages for transmission increases the voltage rating of transformers. The increase in current and voltage ratings calls for special design and manufacturing considerations.
Advanced computational techniques have to be used that should be backed up by experimental verification to ensure quality of design and manufacturing processes. Some of the vital design challenges are: stray loss control, accurate prediction of winding hot spots, short-circuit withstand capability and reliable insulation design. With the increase in MVA ratings, the weight and size of large transformers approach or exceed transport and manufacturing capability limits. Also, due to the ever-increasing competition in the global market, there are continual efforts to optimize the material content in transformers. Therefore, the difference between withstand levels (e.g., short circuit, dielectric) and corresponding operating stress levels is diminishing. Similarly, the guaranteed performance figures and actual test values are now very close. All these factors demand greater efforts from researchers and designers for accurate calculation of various stress levels and performance figures for the transformers. In addition, strict control of manufacturing processes is required. Manufacturing variations of components should be monitored and controlled.